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The Microblading Refresher Class is an online, self-paced Microblading program that will refresh and hone the critical skills and theory you need as a Microblading Technician.



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The Microblading Refresher Class includes 5 Modules of professional video tutorials, program manual, interactive exercises and quizzes, and downloadable resources.

Program Outline

Module 1: Brow Mapping

Creating the perfect brow shape is the foundation of giving your clients amazing results with Microblading. 

  • Using the proper tools to create symmetrical brows
  • Creating the perfect outline for each client’s face
  • Interactive exercises to practice


Module 2: Hair Stroke Patterns

Each client has an ideal hair stroke pattern based on their natural hair growth.

  • Identifying the best hair stroke pattern for your client
  • How to ensure flawless hair stroke patterns every time
  • Interactive exercises to practice
Module 3: Colour Theory and Corrections

Understanding colour theory, how pigment colours mix together, and how pigments heal beneath the skin is crucial for creating natural brows that compliment a client’s natural hair colour.

  • Selecting the perfect colour for you client
  • Mixing and creating colours
  • Understanding Colour Correction
Module 4: Microblading Retention

Many factors influence your client’s retention of pigment and the overall healed results of Microblading. As a technician, understanding each factor and how to optimize your results is critical.

  • Client skin types and how they affect retention
  • Finding the perfect depth and pressure
  • Proper numbing for best retention
Module 5: Building a Portfolio and Selling Yourself

Building a strong portfolio and social media presence is the most effective way to build your clientele and your business.

  • Taking the perfect photo and building a portfolio
  • Social media marketing and building your clientele
  • Client service and satisfaction

Is the Microblading Refresher Class right for me?

If you have taken ANY Microblading program and are looking to refresh and improve your skills, as well as build clientele this is the program for you!

Work at your own pace and re-visit video tutorials and materials as often as you would like!

Meet your instructor

Giovanna is an award-winning Microblading Specialist, entrepreneur, and Founder of Brows by G. She developed the Microblading Refresher Class as a supplement to the Microblading Technician Training Program, or for technicians who have taken another Microblading program and want to sharpen and refresh their skills.

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